Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about debt.

Yofii is an app designed to help the 127 Million Americans

who are struggling with credit card debt

Get Out of Debt!

Yofii does three major things for every user!

Collect Accounts

Yofii collects all of your bank and credit accounts in one place for you to track. Yofii secures your data using bank-level security.

Analyze Accounts

Yofii analyzes your account information and presents personalized plans to get you out of debt!

Provide Debt Guidance

Yofii guides you through your repayment plan providing recommended payment amounts, due dates, and strategies to achieve financial freedom!

What happens if things change?

Don’t worry! Yofii was designed to actively adjust to your financial situation and help you navigate your financial journey!

Yofii Team Members
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Why does Yofii exist?

7 in 10 Americans are struggling with their personal finances, while 3 of those 7 Americans believe they will never get out of debt. Reports show Americans will pay over $100 Billion Dollars in interest and fees to credit card companies in 2019. We don’t like these statistics because they go against our beliefs!
Yofii exists to make financial freedom a reality for everyone! We know how frustrating it is to feel lost when managing your finances because we’ve all been there. Yofii believes technology can help you make sense of your finances. We believe financial freedom is a human right and we are driven by the dream of eliminating second-guessing around your personal finances. We are building an app to get you out of debt on your terms. Our apps are designed to provide you with powerful and intuitive solutions which help you overcome your biggest financial challenges.
We build software (apps) to help people achieve financial freedom.

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How do I get Yofii?

We are actively developing Yofii and are looking forward to launching soon! Sign up today to test Yofii!