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We’re a results driven team, focused on making an impact on how people manage their finances. In the past few years, consumer debt has gotten out of control. We believe financial freedom is a human right and technology can make this a reality for everyone. Our team understands how frustrating it can be to feel lost when managing your finances because we’ve been there.

We’re driven by the dream of eliminating second-guessing money decisions and helping people everywhere achieve financial freedom. Our team has traveled far and wide telling our story. We’re ecstatic to deliver a world-class application that can help you achieve your money goals!

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Meet The Minds Behind Yofii

Bryan Uribe

Bryan Uribe

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Looft

Daniel Looft

Co-Founder & COO

Elizabeth Rivas

Elizabeth Rivas

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Coy Woolard

Coy Woolard

Sr. Software Engineer

Yofii News

Yofii BETA Time

Announcing the Yofii BETA! 💃🏽🎉🕺🏽

What’s your favorite type of announcement? Our favorite type of announcement is always HUGE! After countless hours (over 4,000 hours), sleepless nights (the Sandman couldn’t find our address), blood (it was actually ketchup), sweat (we’re waving bye to that dad bod for the summer), and tears (we’re a sensitive bunch), we’re excited to announce our announcement! Okay, okay, okay… we’re excited to announce our BETA! That’s right, it’s BETA Time! 🎉🍾🎊🥂 

Okay, so the people in the back are asking ‘what’s a BETA?’ Just like you, we didn’t really enjoy Calculus, but this is a different kind of BETA, this is a good kind of BETA! Read more to dive in on our announcement! 

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