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Want To Enjoy Debt-Free Holidays? Check Out Our Holiday Debt Tips!

Want To Enjoy Debt-Free Holidays? Check out our tips to stay on track this season! Is it possible to stay on track during the holidays? If you’ve been asking yourself this, lucky you. We've put together a few tips to help you stay debt-free this holiday season! With the holiday...

Yofii How to Travel on a Budget

Tips On How To Travel On A Budget

Tips On How To Travel On A Budget Don’t Pack Your Debt on Vacation! They say, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. Now, while we love that concept, we at Yofii like to think we know a thing or two about finances. That's why we're...

Understanding Balance Transfers

The Worst Kept Secret in Personal Finance!

Balance Transfers: The Worst Kept Secret in Personal Finance! Understanding Balance Transfers What if we told you, you didn’t have to pay interest or fees on your credit card balance for a whole year? What if we told you…doing so could help you get out of debt faster? Would you...

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt – Yofii

What is Good Debt? What is Bad Debt?

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt What’s the difference? Many of us were conditioned to believe all debt was bad. Did you know there is actually ‘good debt’? Mind-blowing huh? Did you know, people without credit cards usually have lower credit scores than people with credit cards? We often hear a...

Yofii BETA Time

BETA!? Announcing the Yofii BETA! 💃🏽🎉🕺🏽

Happy BETA Day! What’s your favorite type of announcement? Our favorite type of announcement is always HUGE! After countless hours (over 4,000 hours), sleepless nights (the Sandman couldn’t find our address), blood (it was actually ketchup), sweat (we’re waving bye to that dad bod for the summer), and tears (we’re...

Interest: What you should know

The Art of Credit Card Interest. What You Should Know!

Mastering the Art of Credit Card Interest If we have learned anything from dating apps, ‘interest’ sometimes is the hardest part of all. Fortunately for you, Yofii will always swipe right, so we can make a real connection. Now that we got the creepiness out the way, let’s talk about...