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Ever feel like your money’s disappearing?

We know we have! That’s part of the reason we decided to build Yofii, the World’s First Debt Assistant.

We have Good News

and Bad News!

Good News:

You’re not alone.

Yofii - You're Not Alone
Yofii - Your Debt

Bad News:

127 Million Americans are struggling financially. That’s 7 out of every 10 adults in the US!

Yofii = Debt Smart

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We’re on a mission to help the 127 Million Americans who are struggling with credit card debt, get out of debt! We started developing Yofii in October 2018 and we’re finally ready to start letting people test Yofii!

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Yofii BETA
Yofii BETA Time

Ok… So What’s a BETA?

So first off, the Yofii BETA isn’t like your grandma’s Betamax, the reliable beta wolf, or the beautiful betta fish… BETA is a term used in the magical world of software which refers to the second phase of testing. Amazing apps like InstagramTwitter, and Facebook all had BETA versions. The second phase of testing is one of the most important parts when developing an application. BETAs are released to a number of people with the intent of getting real-world data and feedback on the product we’ve been working so hard to build. Want to know the best part of a BETA? Our users get to test our software and give us feedback on their experience! Our Yofii BETA testers give us the feedback we need to make the final changes to Yofii before we release our baby to the world!

A Little More About The Yofii BETA

Yofii BETA Testing


We’ve been hard at work developing Yofii to help you get out of debt! We’re almost finished developing, and we’re ready to let real people test Yofii!

Yofii BETA Security


We do not receive sensitive information from you, but we still use bank-level security to manage your data. Lastly, we do not share your data with anyone!

Yofii BETA Exclusive


The Yofii BETA is only available to a select few. Building an app is very challenging and our team wants to make sure we can get the best feedback before releasing Yofii!

Yofii = Debt Free

Yofii Logo Emblem

We don’t hate the banks. We think the banks are great but Americans are struggling with credit card debt and we want to make a change!

Americans have over $1,000,000,000,000 in debt.

Over $1 Trillion dollars in debt!

7 in 10 American adults are struggling financially. 3 in 7 American adults believe they will never get out of debt. We’re focused on getting America out of debt and we’re not stopping until we make our mission a reality!

Yofii is free. Yofii is designed for you.

Yofii will only get better with time.

Join us on our journey to help Americans get out of debt!